Traveller Eviction Notices

At Collect My Debt, we are eager to hear from you if you need to serve a traveller eviction notice. We have the ability to remove unwanted trespassers from your property quickly, efficiently and effectively and may be able to help you achieve the results you require without the need for a solicitor’s instruction or costly court order.

Eviction processes

We offer two processes to clients that need to remove travellers from land once access has been gained to it. We can serve a 24-hour notice and ask them to leave before forceful action is taken. Alternatively, we can serve a 2-4 hour self-help notice, staying on the site until the land has been vacated and equipment has been packed up. When it is not possible to clear the land within four hours, our highly-experienced Certificated Enforcement Agents may need to stay on site for a maximum of 12 hours so the problem can be resolved completely using tow trucks. A traveller eviction notice is a document displayed on your site that informs trespassers to leave and includes a time limit for doing so.

Can you carry out the eviction yourself?

It is possible but unwise to carry out the eviction yourself without the help of Certified Enforcement Agents. If you do conduct the eviction without professional assistance, you could cause damage to property or injuries to the trespassers, which could land you in serious legal trouble. By enlisting our services, you can ensure the eviction is carried out calmly and that health and safety regulations are adhered to. We will also carry out a thorough risk assessment before the eviction takes place, and use our manpower and resources to deliver the right outcome.

Will the police be consulted?

Sometimes it is necessary for us to ask for advice from the police before the eviction occurs. This enables us to avoid a breach of the peace. If the police decide the eviction should be delayed, it’s best that we wait until an agreed suitable time. Should you ignore the advice of the police, injuries and damage may result.

In some cases, trespassers will leave as soon as notices are served. If this does occur, you will only need to pay for the serving of the notice and our attendance. The Common Law route is far more affordable and less time-consuming than the Court Order option.

A swifter outcome

Trespassing can cause landowners considerable stress, which is why we do everything in our power to deliver a swift outcome. We pride ourselves on our ability to remain calm under pressure even when faced with challenging levels of aggression and will compile a comprehensive detailed report as soon as we arrive on site, e-mailing it to you and providing real-time updates. We can also provide you with advice on strengthening the security of your site to prevent future trespassing. For further information, call us today on 0800 612 5161 or send an e-mail to

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