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Collect My Debt are a leading trace and collect company. We specialise in tracing people throughout the UK. Our in house skilled tracing team using up-to-date information, combined with our skilled recovery agents, offer a complete, unmatched solution to our clients’ trace and collect needs.

Often debts are incurred simply because someone moves on without leaving a forwarding address. Sometimes an innocent mistake, sometimes more calculated. 

In the 21st century it’s hard to move around without leaving an “electronic footprint” that indicates where you have been. Whether it is registering to vote or applying for credit, it isn’t long before you start to leave your mark, and it is information such as this that our highly skilled trace team can use to pinpoint the whereabouts of “goneaway” customers. 

Good debt collection performance will very often begin with good information and more and more companies are looking to us to provide Trace and Collect services based on our growing reputation for performance in this area. 

Our automated tracing process reduces the need for manual tracing, improves trace results for clients, reduces the costs of tracing and allows us to handle large volumes of trace work. 

• We trace on a no-find, no-fee basis. This means it won’t cost you a penny, in the unlikely event we can’t find the person in the UK you wish to locate. So you’re completely protected
• Our searches per person, per address cost just £55+ VAT
• Once traced you can move the case to our collect team should you want us to recover your outstanding debt for you.

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