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Enforcement companies are often seen in a negative light.
In an industry renowned for “Taking” Collect My Debt Limited are different to the rest, we strive to change the perception of the industry by giving something back.

Fairfield Villa F.C.

Collect My Debt – CMD High Court Enforcement are proud to sponsor Fairfield Villa F.C. a football team local to our Midlands office. 

We are the official sponsors for the 17/18 season and wish the lads great success!

Fairfield Villa F.C. History

Fairfield Villa FC was formed in 1902 , with the original headquarters at the Swan Inn Fairfield, and the ground at Wood Lane , they were members of the first Bromsgrove league in which they were successful in their first season topping the league with a playing record of 1 defeat , 1 draw in 18 games.
the club was dis-banded in the early fifties but was reformed by Gill Webb and the current chairman Paddy Eades. In 1959 they began playing at the Recreation ground at Fairfield and re-joined the Bromsgrove league , with cup and league success in the late 60s n 70s . The Club then moved into the Kidderminster league and were premier division champions in 81/82 and 83/84 seasons . In 1985 Fairfield joined the Midland Combination, Football League and in the 98/99 season the club won the 2nd division title and resulted in the club needing to upgrade its facilities to play in division 1 . After a dispute with their landlords the Parish Council , Fairfield were forced into ground sharing with Bromsgrove Rovers for 2 seasons and Northfield Town for 1 season They came to an agreement with the Parrish Council and returned to their home the Recreation Ground for the Season 2002/03 . 05/06 saw the appointment of new managers Lee Shaw and Paul Oakes and they led them to winners of the Presidents Cup and runners up in the Worcester Junior Cup 
.This season 08/09 they managed to bring the coveted Worcester Junior cup back to the club after 6 previous final defeats, added to that they also won the President’s Cup for the second time , and were Finalist’s in the Smedley Crooke Charity cup.and managed to finish 4th in the League for the 3rd Time in Four Season’s. 
The season of 2009/10 saw another 4th position finish in an enthralling season, we again managed to reach the Presidents Cup final but unfortunately lost on this occasion 
2010/11 saw Marc Cosgrove join the  management team, and on the playing side we again finished in what is becoming our customery 4th spot .
We managed a Smedley Crooke Cup Final appearance which saw us earn another Runners up medal.
The season of 2011/12 was one of disappointment, the transformation of the side saw several players come and go and this was instrumental in us producing our worst ever league position (13th).
We did have another Worcester county cup final appearance but lost the tie 4-1 to our old adversaries Archdale73. 

The season of 2012/13 saw the overhaul and redevelopment  of it’s Recreation Ground facilities.
An F.A grant coupled with the club’s own finances meant that the structure was reformed with the addition of a new official’s changing block and a further female facility , a complete renovation of the player changing rooms with a disabled toilet and a brand new kitchen and storage garage.We also re fitted the club room and redecorated to give us a club to be proud of.

Following a very poor season in 2015/16 the club accepted the resignation of long serving managers Lee Shaw and Paul Oakes along with coach Mark Cosgrove and appointed the new managers, Wayne Davis and Danny Hobbis with long time allies Lee Williams and Alan Vaughan completing the new look set up, this proved to be an inspired appointment as the new managers won the Presidents cup in their first season.


To see/read more about Fairfield Villa FC please go to their website:

BABYAVA’S Support Foundation

Remembering our Little Angels

Collect My Debt – CMD High Court Enforcement are very proud to support the charity BABYAVA’S Support Foundation.

BABYAVA’S Support Foundation is a local charity to Collect My Debt Limited, they offer support to families who lose babies at early stages of life such as, Stillbirth (the death of a baby before or during birth after 24 weeks of gestation in the UK)and  Neonatal death (the death of a baby within the first 28 days of life).

BABYAVA’S Support Foundation provide memory boxes to the parents who have lost their babies, these memory boxes help parents keep the treasured memories of the short time they have had with their little ones.

CMD pledge to donate the cost of one box every week to BABYAVA’S Support Foundation and also support them in their fundraising events.

About Baby Ava’s Foundation

Ava’s Story

Ava Helene Atkinson was born on the 26th May 2014 at The Alexandra Hospital Redditch. Due to being born so early she experienced many health issues.

Ava was moved to the neo natal unit where she was put on a ventilator to help her breathe. After many tests and a brain scan it was found that Ava was unable to breathe on her own, her heart rate and blood pressure could not be stabilised and the scan found she had suffered a bleed on the brain.
Ava was too poorly to be transferred to a specialist children’s hospital and was to remain under the care of the staff at the Alexandra Hospital for whom I must thank for all their hard work and effort to make Ava as comfortable as possible.

Hours later Ava’s condition had not improved and after discussions with the consultant it was decided that due to the severity of the health issues she had, we as parents had to make the most devastating decision of our lives, together with the care team, to withdraw treatment.

Minutes after coming off the ventilator Ava passed away peacefully with her family around her, except for her Daddy Richard who was flying back into the Country and in touch only by phone.

Whilst at the hospital we were given a keepsake box in which we were able to have memories of Ava. These precious memories are there for us to look at and cherish. Her keepsake box has brought comfort to us all, so much that we have decided we would like to put together our own memory boxes for other parents who have suffered the loss of a child.

We have decided to make these keepsake boxes ourselves and hope that these boxes will be looked at for years to come.

Adele & Richard Atkinson “Ava’s parents”

Why do supply Memory Boxes?

Imagine if you lose a baby, whether this be through neonatal loss or stillbirth. Once you have said your last goodbyes, you have no other memories. There are no memory boxes available to keep what treasured memories you have. The boxes we provide are there so that you will be able to remember your little ones for years to come.
There are around 3600 stillbirths every year in the United Kingdom
In 2011 there were 3025 infant deaths (deaths under 1 year old) in England and Wales this being at a rate of 4.3 deaths per 1000 live births. There were 3077 in 2010 and 7021 in 1981.

Yearly, this means that 6625 babies lose life throughout the U.K.

We aim to supply as many neonatal units throughout the U.K. that currently do not have any form of these keepsake boxes.

  • Stillbirth: the death of a baby before or during birth after 24 weeks of gestation in the UK.
  • Neonatal death: the death of a baby within the first 28 days of life.
  • Perinatal mortality: stillbirths plus early neonatal deaths (under 7 days).

To learn more about BABYAVA’s Support Foundation and how you too could help, please visit their website:

Donate Online

If you wish to donate to our supported charity you can donate online in one of two ways –

Through our Just Giving page or JustTextGiving

Donate by Just Giving

Donate by JustTextGiving

Text AVAS01 followed by £1/2/3/4/5 or £10 to 70070 to help keep memories alive via Baby Ava’s Support Foundations memory boxes.

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