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Collect My Debt Limited are authorised High Court Enforcement Agents. We support lawyers, businesses of all sizes, debt collection agencies, landlords and individuals across England and Wales. Whether you need to regain your property or land through possession orders, enforce a money judgement by recovering assets, our High Court Enforcement team is here to help with all of your requirements.

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Order of Possession/Writ of Possession
In the case of an Order for Possession against residential/commercial tenants the order may be transferred to the High Court for enforcement with the permission of the Court (this must be requested at county court stage). This is applied for under Section 42 of the Country Courts Act 1984.

A Writ of Possession is issued by the High Court after a judgment or order for possession of either property or land has been awarded. The CCJ or order can be transferred to the High Court for enforcement if the occupiers are deemed to be trespassers. A good example would be the eviction of travellers or squatters from land or a property. If the judgment or order is issued in the High Court, then it must be enforced by authorised High Court Enforcement agents.


Combined Orders
Monetary orders allowing enforcement of possession and the seizure of goods in the same manner as with a writ of control. A common example would be for the recovery of rent. Applying for a combined writ will save time as well as allowing the High Court Enforcement Agents to enforce both simultaneously.


Why use the High Court?
A County Court Bailiff will often take up to 8 – 12 weeks to remove a tenant and even longer to action a Writ of Control. The frustrating thing here is that the tenant has already been given the possession order to leave and they have not. Then you have to apply for the bailiff appointment and wait 8 – 12 weeks for the bailiff to arrive.

This means 8 – 12 weeks that you are potentially losing money and 8 – 12 weeks for the tenant to cause more problems.

A High Court Enforcement Agent will usually remove the tenant within 7 days of the possession order expiring.

Obviously, this means that there is less time for more rent arrears to build up and less time for the tenant to cause problems.
A Writ of Control can be attended and executed as soon as the Notice of Enforcement expires and the defendant has failed to pay the debt in full.


All Writs of Control and Writs of Possession issued by the High Courts are Issued to Collect My Debt Limited through our Appointed Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer (AHCEO) Claire Louise Sandbrook.

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