Service Charge and Insurance Arrears

Under CRAR the collection of Service Charges, Insurance, deposits, electric arrears are not allowed. Regardless of whether CMD is instructed to collect your rent arrears under a Warrant of Control enforced under CRAR or not, CMD promise to collect any outstanding Service Charge, Insurance or other outstanding charges and chase for one month by post, email and telephone for FREE.

Though CRAR states that service charges, deposits, insurance and electric arrears are not collectable in person, Collect My Debt can come to your assistance if you do need help recovering what is owed to you. Regardless whether we are instructed to collect your rent arrears under a Warrant of Control enforced by CRAR or not, we can collect any outstanding charges including insurance and service charges, using methods including post, telephone and e-mail.

CMD will send a letter requesting full payment of the debt appertaining to the outstanding Service Charges, Insurance or other charges at the same time we would normally send our 7-day Enforcement Notice for the rent under CRAR.

As the collection of the Service Charge, Insurance, deposits, electric arrears fall outside of CRAR, so does all of our communication with your tenant. We use every opportunity available to us to explain/negotiate with your tenant wherever possible. Our aim is to obtain full recovery of the non-rent debts, alongside the collection of the CRAR debt if instructed. There are NO costs to you for the recovery of the Service Charge, Insurance, Deposits or electric arrears, provided we are in possession of a live and active CRAR Warrant.

A doorstep recovery agent may make an attendance to a tenant’s demised premises to discuss Service Charge, Insurance, or other debt arrears.

As specified by CRAR, the standard charges will still apply for the enforcement of the Commercial Rent.

No charges to landlords

Should you decide to enlist our help in recovering service charges and insurance arrears, we will send out a letter to your tenant for full payment of the debt at the same time we would usually send a 7-day Enforcement Notice for your rent under CRAR. We use all available methods to negotiate and communicate with your client and can collect CRAR debts and non-rent debts at the same time if you instruct us to do so. You will not be charged for recovery of service charges, insurance, deposits or electric arrears when in possession  of a live CRAR Warrant.

What are service charges?

Service charges are charges paid to landlords by tenants to cover the costs of providing facilities such as general maintenance and repairs, central heating, lifts, lighting and the cleaning of common areas. Lease and tenancy agreements feature details on the way specific service charges work. Many landlords come to Collect My Debt when tenants fail to comply with the terms of their contract by failing to pay service charges. We have an excellent track record when it comes to collecting service charges quickly, with many customers staying with us indefinitely due to our excellence in this field, including customers who had tried and failed to get their outstanding service charges paid for many weeks and months. We can collect service charges at the same time as rent instructions, only charging small percentages for recovered rent arrears.

Insurance as a service charge

Many leases and contracts include terms that enable landlords to arrange the insurance of the building in question and charge the cost as a service charge. Most buildings containing flats have this insurance. At Collect My Debt, we have vast experience when it comes to collecting service charges and insurance and aim to help you overcome your challenges at the earliest opportunity, so landlord-tenant relations can continue after collection is made.

Why Choose Collect My Debt?

We offer a first-class service, with cases being assigned to dedicated case handlers who act as first points of contact throughout the process and can even be contacted outside of office hours. We work for some of the UK’s biggest landlords and property management agents, so rest assured you’ll be getting the excellent service that you are seeking. To find out, use the contact form on the website, call us on 0800 612 5161 or send an e-mail to

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!


Thanks to you my outstanding service charges were collected quickly and professionally with absolutely zero cost to myself. Handing the debt to yourselves was the easiest and best decision I have ever made, all of my future enforcement instructions will be going to you. If you want a speedy service with fantastic results look no further!

Thanks guys!

P Surinder

Commercial Landlord, Bolton

To Collect My Debt/CMD Enforcement,

After months and months of us trying to collect our outstanding service charge arrears ourselves we finally gave up and handed over to the professionals. This turned out to be the best decision we have made, not only did it take the stress away from our staff but you cannot compare the ability to recover arrears in house to a specialised, professional enforcement company and that’s exactly what Collect My Debt are. The best part is that the cost to us was nothing for collecting our service charge and they even ran service charge collections along side any CRAR instructions.

Thanks for all your help Collect My Debt, we won’t ever be looking to carry out enforcement ‘in house’ anymore, its not worth it!

Jackie Wilson

Lettings Manager, Nottingham

To whom it may concern,

I have spent many years using enforcement companies, at some point using most of them and always ended up being disappointed or being let down. I have been through the mill so to speak. I have found Collect My Debt to be the most efficient, professional and collected group of enforcement agents I have ever encountered. I have found them to be smart, punctual, knowledgeable and honest, which in the industry is a rare thing. They have taken care of a number of instructions for myself and are the only company in the industry who do not charge for recovering service charge, no charges to me at all. They also collect service charge at the same time as a rent instruction while only charging a percentage for the recovered commercial rent arrears.

Collect my debt have never let me down or messed me around, they are a straight talking, factual and hard working firm who always endeavour their best to collect on behalf of there customers/clients.

I am glad to recommend and confirm that personally I find collect my debt to be the best in the business.

Sir Richard Layton

Commercial, Residential Landlord and Land owner, Wessex


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