Fly Traders and Advertising

Do you have unauthorised traders selling goods on your land or outside of your shop without permission?

Do you have unauthorised advertising of another company on your land or property?

Then look no further, CMD Enforcement is your resolution.

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Fly traders and advertising 

If you’ve been experiencing problems with unauthorised traders selling goods on your land or outside of your shop, contact Collect My Debt. At Collect My Debt, we provide a national service for removing those partaking in fly trading and illegal advertising and have been doing so for many years. Fly trading often occurs on the high street, when empty units are broken into so traders can sell goods illegally. This kind of activity can have a devastating impact on other businesses, with the fly traders paying no overheads including insurance, rent and rates, which means they are able to sell goods for less than other companies. Fly traders often target large areas of land which they illegally transform into car parks, as well as warehouses and garages. 

Fly Traders

Fly trading on or near another business can not only have a massive effect on sales and potential revenue for the business and surrounding businesses, it can also taint the business brand and reputation.
Fly traders pay no taxes, business rates and often have no liability insurance, so if a problem were to arise and a member of the public or business wishes to take action and the business or landlord has not been seen to have taken the steps to remove the unauthorised trader, responsibility for any repercussions could fall to the landlord/business.

Our Services

CMD Enforcement are a leader in the removal of unauthorised Traders and advertising on private land. We have over 24 years experience in fly trader removal and associated issues.
Our specialist agents can provide the following services to ensure the land is cleared:

  • All legal notices and warnings
  • Immediate vacation of the land/premises
  • Liaise with offending persons in regard to vacation or removal of advertising and future prevention
  • Help and advise landlord with future prevention methods

Police Involvement

The police are informed when CMD Enforcement feel it is necessary that might be when serving the notice of eviction or when a physical eviction is taking place. The Department for communities and Local Government (February 2004) advises police presence be called upon to prevent a breach of the peace. The police will also assess the situation and if their findings are that the eviction is not appropriate, then it should always be delayed until an agreed time. If a landlord chooses to ignore the police advice, he/she may find that the eviction could result in an injury, assault or damage to a person or property.

Contact CMD Enforcement today for advice on your exact requirements along with any problems you are currently faced with.

Should you be having issues with human trespassers or Gypsy Travellers, please click the following link: Travellers/Squatters/Trespassers

The quickest resolution possible

Contact Collect My Debt today if you have unauthorised advertising or another company on your property or land. We can provide a swift resolution to remove unwanted traders and their materials from your premises or land, and are able to do so safely and securely. Fly traders can also taint your brand and reputation whilst paying no liability insurance, which means if a problem such as an injury does arise when they are using your resources, you could be held liable. 

Clearing your land or property

We are a market-leader when it comes to removing fly traders and illegal advertising and are able to carry out various actions to clear your land or property, including serving all legal notices and warnings, liaising with offending persons to speed up the resolution, advising you on prevention in future and enlisting the advice and support of the police. 

Avoiding breaches of the peace

If we feel it is right to do so, we may inform the police when a notice of eviction or physical eviction is due to take place. This is to avoid a breach of the peace. The police may decide that the eviction needs to be delayed until a specific time. It is vital that you comply with police instructions to avoid injury, assault or damage to property. We can also come to your assistance if you are experiencing problems with gypsy travellers or squatters. More and more individuals and businesses are opting for our services when they are met with issues such as trespassing and fly trading. 

Send your instruction today

Why not instruct us to act today if you need assistance with removing fly traders and advertising? All our staff and enforcement agents are able to provide the highest standard of service, and you will be assigned a specific case handler as soon as we receive your instruction. They will act as your primary point of contact for the duration of the instruction and will even be available outside of normal office hours if you need them. 

Contact us

To reach us today, just call 0800 612 5161 or send a message to Alternatively, feel free to use the form on our website. 

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