Evicting travellers from private land

At Collect My Debt, we can help you evict travellers from private land quickly. In many cases, we can do so without requiring a court order or instructions from solicitors. The ancient remedy of Common Law gives private landlords more choice when it comes to evicting travellers, though possession orders are still available if needed. It is possible to conduct the eviction yourself, but many landlords choose to obtain assistance from Collect My Debt for many reasons. When you choose us to carry out your eviction, you can rest assured that we can carry out the eviction lawfully in line with health and safety procedures. We can also carry out a risk assessment prior to the eviction and use our vast manpower and resources to deliver the required results.

How we remove squatters and trespassers

In some cases, we may need to enlist the support of the police to carry out the eviction and avoid a breach of the peace. The police may advise us to delay the eviction after assessing the situation. You could risk causing injury and damage to people and property if you fail to follow the advice of the police. Two processes for eviction are available. We can serve a 24-hour self-help notice, requesting that the trespassers leave before forceful action is taken against them. Alternatively, we can serve a 2-4 hour self-help eviction notice, remaining on site to oversee the packing and vacation process. Clearing within four hours is not always possible, and it can take our Certificated Enforcement Agents to up to 12 hours to complete the eviction with our tow trucks. Trespassers and squatters have proved to be problems for many landlords. Whether you have trespassers on your land, or squatters living in your property, we can come to your assistance.

Avoid costly court orders

Get in touch right away if you do need help with evicting travellers from private land. Though obtaining a court order is possible, this could cost you up to £5,500 in legal and enforcement costs as well as taking up to 21 days. We can take action on the same day you instruct us. Some trespassers vacate sites as soon as notices are served on them. If this is the case, you will only need to cover the cost of our attendance and the serving of the notice.

Real-time updates available

We will compile a full detailed report when we attend your site, providing as much information as we can, including details about caravans, trespasser numbers and the behaviour of the trespassers. We will also decide whether we need extra assistance and e-mail the report to you, providing real-time updates as events unfold. If you need advice on improving the security of your site to prevent the situation happening again, we can provide this. To find out more about evicting travellers from private land and squatters from your property, call 0800 612 5161 or send an e-mail to info@collectmydebt.co.uk. Alternatively, get in touch via the website.

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