Forfeiture of Commercial Lease

CMD can take back your premises usually on the same day or within 24 hours of receiving your instruction if another date/ time is preferred by our client. CMD agents will peacefully re-enter (Forfeit) your premises when the tenant is not on site. We can forfeit on any License, tenancy at will and on leases,

A forfeiture of lease is a termination that takes place when a tenant has made a breach of their agreement. When a forfeiture of lease occurs, a landlord can re-enter their property and therefore terminate the lease. In some cases, termination can happen immediately or after a period of notice. Landlords are tasked with establishing their right to forfeit a lease. They often need to point out the specific clause in the lease that gives them to right to forfeit in certain circumstances. Landlords are encouraged to seek legal advice to ensure the breach is serious enough for forfeiture to occur.

How Does It Work?

Once we receive your instruction we will arrange for a locksmith to attend your premises with our agent. Here the locksmith will enter the premises by removing existing locks, then replacing them with similar locks, then ensuring the premises are left secure. The agent will complete relevant notices which will be clearly displayed as required by law to doors or windows. The agent will take pictures of the new locks as well as the display notices. Once access is gained, the agent will complete an inventory of items inside as well as take photographs.

All meter readings will be taken as pictures taken. When requested a Legal Torts notice can also be displayed. This document informs your ex-tenant, along with other third parties who may claim ownership of goods inside that they have 7 or 14 days to remove their goods from inside the premises. Failure to comply gives the landlord the right to dispose of the goods and offset any monies recovered against the cost of the disposal of goods.

The new keys will then be hand delivered to the landlord or managing agent if located nearby or posted to you via special delivery (Royal Mail) for next day delivery. The agent will complete a detailed report of the forfeiture and a copy of the report along with supporting photographs will be forwarded to the client.

Where a supervised access is required, to allow your ex-tenant the opportunity to remove their goods, CMD can offer this service. The cost is recoverable in advance from your ex tenant or where preferred from the landlord. At CMD, we will liaise with any third parties with regard to any retention of title claims, lease or rental agreements as well as any other 3rd party’s claims.

Same day action available

At Collect My Debt, we may be able to hand your premises back to you on the same day of receiving your instruction or within 24 hours if requested. We can re-enter your premises peacefully, arranging for a locksmith to arrive on site with our agent. The locksmith will replace the locks, ensuring the premises are secure, with the agent completing notices which will be displayed as required by law on the doors and windows of your property. An inventory of items will be completed when access is gained, and photographs will be taken, as will meter readings.

Do you need a Legal Torts notice?

We can also display a Legal Torts notice that instructs ex-tenants and other penalties that they either have 7 or 14 days to remove their possessions from the premises. Should they fail to comply with this, the landlord will have the right to sell or dispose of the goods, offsetting any money recovered against the cost of disposal. A detailed report of the forfeiture will be produced by the agent, with the report and photographs being forwarded to you. Supervised access is available should your former tenant wish to remove their goods from the premises. The ex-tenant can be made liable for this cost.

 Forfeiture Costs

An attendance fee covering the first hour on site, then additional waiting time thereafter. In addition to the enforcement costs, there will be locksmith costs and charges to include new locks and keys unless the landlord prefers to use his own locksmith.

Efficiency and professionalism

We have many years of experience when it comes to implementing forfeiture of leases on behalf of landlords big and small. We can provide you with in-depth advice on your situation, making the entire process a smooth one. Our services are renowned for their professionalism and efficiency and we always do everything in our power to achieve the best results possible. 

Why Choose Collect My Debt?

You can instruct us to carry out a forfeiture of lease through our website within just a few moments. By using the feature on our site, you can provide us with the authority to effect peaceable re-entry to secure forfeiture of the lease. You will be assigned a specific case handler as soon as we receive your instruction. The handler will be your first point of contact for the duration of your instruction, and you will even be able to contact them outside of office hours if you wish. We can keep you updated on the process in real time.

Find out more by getting in touch via the website, by calling 0800 612 5161 or by sending an e-mail to

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Dear Collect My Debt.

Thank you very much for your effort in affecting forfeiture on a tenant that had months of service charges outstanding.

The  advice I received from your team was second to none and with your swift action it wasn’t long before I had total control of my premises.

I can’t recommend Collect My Debt enough, they went out of their way to give me the best advice and helped me tremendously.

If you’re trying to decide which enforcement company to use, look no further.

Many thanks again.

Mr A Khan


Dear Sirs,

I cannot be more grateful with the effort taken by all at CMD.

I am a relatively small landlord with only a few properties, but Collect My Debt treated me like I was a client with a large portfolio, they acted quickly and gave me top advice on the legalities of the situation I was faced with. This was all new to me, I have not had to take action against a tenant before and effect forfeiture but Collect My Debt talked me through everything and affected a seamless forfeiture.

Collect My Debt were a pleasure to deal with, they kept me updated and provided me with a fantastic detailed report with lots of pictures and information regarding the forfeiture.

Their experience and strong legal knowledge is a great asset to collect my debt and it quickly put my mind at ease.

Thank you CMD for all your help!

Miss E Jenson


CMD Enforcement Team,

We would like to thank all at Collect My Debt from the people in the office to the enforcement agents out on the field who acted efficiently and professionally to help me take back a number of my commercial premises where rent had not been paid and communication between me and the tenants had broken down.

Nothing is ever too much of a problem for Collect My Debt, they always endeavour to get the best results and that is why we will continue to use them and recommend their services to our peers, associates and friends.

Thank you.

Mr and Mrs Tompkins



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