Commercial Property Eviction

If you need to evict tenants from a commercial property, Collect My Debt can come to your assistance. At Collect My Debt, we have years of experience behind us when it comes to commercial property eviction and may be able to take your premises back within 24 hours of receiving your instruction, or even on the same day. We can peacefully re-enter your premises when your tenant is away from the site and are able to forfeit on leases, licences and tenancies at will. Read on to find out more.

Has your tenant breached their agreement?

If your tenant has breached their agreement, you will have the ability to re-enter the property and terminate the lease. Depending on the circumstances, you can terminate the agreement immediately or following a period of notice. You will need to establish your right to forfeit a lease and may need to point out a specific clause. You may run into problems if the breach is not serious enough to forfeit the lease, so it may be worth seeking legal advice before you do take action.

Serving of notices

We can arrange for a locksmith to head out to your premises after we receive your instruction. Our agent can complete the relevant notices, and display them as required by law, taking pictures of the new locks and the display notices. When access is achieved, an inventory of items will be created by the agent, who will also take photographs. We can display a Legal Torts notice if necessary and can take photographs of meter readings. A Legal Torts notice informs tenants and third parties that they either have 7 or 14 days to remove their goods from the premises. If they fail to remove them within this time frame, you will be legally permitted to dispose of their goods. We can provide supervised access if your former tenant does decide to recover their goods. We can also talk to third parties on your behalf about retention of title claims, lease and rental agreements.

Instruct us via our website

It only takes a few moments to instruct us to carry out a forfeiture of lease, and you can do this via the website. The instruction you provide gives us the authority to effect peaceable re-entry, securing the forfeiture of the lease. If you do decide to opt for our commercial property eviction service, we will assign a specific case handler to you, who will act as your primary point of contact from start to finish. You can contact your case handler even outside of office hours, and we will keep you updated on developments in real-time.

Getting in touch

For more information on commercial evictions and carrying them out correctly, contact us today. You can reach us by calling us on 0800 612 5161 or by sending a message to We are confident we can provide the fir`st-class service that you require and help you achieve the peace of mind that you are seeking.

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