Residential Rent Arrears Recovery (RRAR)

Residential rent is collected using our pre-legal no win no fee debt recovery service.

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How is Residential Rent Recovered?

Residential rent is collected using our pre-legal debt recovery methods.

How do you collect my tenant arrears pre-legally?

Once we are instructed via our instruction form we will then write to your tenant with a pre-legal letter, this gives the tenant 7 days to pay the debt in full.
If the tenant fails to make contact with us or pay the outstanding arrears in full we will send out a firmer final warning letter that will also give the tenant a further 48 hours to make full payment or come to an agreed payment arrangement.
If no contact or payment is made during this 7 to 10 day period we will walk you through the process of taking further action, not ;limited to getting a CCJ (County Court Judgement), escalation to the high court and even enforcement.

Why Use Collect My Debt?

All enforcement agents at Collect My Debt are certificated through the county court and have complete knowledge and understanding of collecting rent arrears. Our sensitive, professional and discreet approach to each case is of paramount importance to allow the landlord – tenant relationship to continue after instruction.

CMD have built a reputation to maintain high standards of service in dealing with any amount of rent commercial or residential owed for their client.

Where Do I Start?

If you have outstanding rent arrears, regardless of whether you think your tenant may be able to pay you in full within a couple of days after the due date or not, it is best to act promptly and instruct CMD to commence the recovery process.
We have years’ of experience and knowledge behind us. The sooner you act, the better.

Once instructed, Collect My Debt will send a letter to the tenant giving them 7 days to make payment.

There are three stages in total for the collection of rent following our client’s instruction, these stages are explained in more detail below;

Stage 1 – 7 Day Pre-Legal Letter

Once you have completed our residential instruction form we will then write a bespoke debt recovery letter to your current/former tenant, this will be sent out the same day we receive the instruction, this will also be emailed to the debtor should the information be provided. The letter details that full payment must be made within 7 days and outlines the potential consequences should payment fail to be made.

In the unusual instance we do not hear from the tenant within the first 5 days we then begin our telephone debt recovery service, this is where we will place numerous phone calls at different times of the day in order to initiate contact with the tenant, this then reinforces the 7 day letter and begins the communication process which is vital to our success.

Stage 2 – 48 Hour Written Final Warning

If after the 7 day period we fail to hear from the tenant and/or no payment has been made we will then issue our 48 hour Final written warning giving the tenant 48 hours notice before further action is taken, this then gives the debtor 2 days to make payment or purpose an arrangement plan with our debt recovery team.

Stage 3 – Escalation to CCJ and High Court


In the unusual situation where we have been unable to recover any of the outstanding arrears with our letter and telephone recover service we would then recommend the escalation of the arrears. This can be done by obtaining a County Court Judgement (CCJ) against the debtor. Whilst now being in possession of a CCJ against your debtor this does not automatically guarantee a payment, waiting for a county court bailiff to enforce the CCJ (at a further cost) is not the best solution as this may take several weeks. Transferring up to the high court for a writ of control for a small fixed cost would enable enforcement agents to attend.
Collect My Debt can assist with this and walk you through the process ensuring your outstanding rent arrears are paid by one means or another.
At Collect My Debt we pride ourselves on being able to see a job through from day one to the resolution, ensuring you get what is rightfully yours.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

To all at CMD,

Thank you for being fast and efficient in collecting my Residential Rent Arrears, I often get tenants who are late paying and think that its ok to put the landlord at the bottom of the pile. After instructing Collect My Debt it wasn’t long before I had my rent paid, it seems to be the discipline that some tenants need to show them that I am not a soft landlord and should not be paid last. all this is done pre-legally also, meaning it is much faster and much cheaper than court proceedings, CMD can also look at previous or absconded tenant arrears also, if you have Residential tenant arrears id say give Collect My Debt a go they have helped me on a massive number of cases now and I don’t regret a thing.

Thanks again!

Simon Bell

Landlord, Southend on Sea

Collect My Debt,

After many years of pushing tenant arrears through the court and having to go through the rigmarole and expense of the process, I find Collect My Debt’s solutions to be a breath of fresh air. I can sit back and relax instead of stressing about it and if all else fails they walk you through the court process anyway, so for me its a no brainer!

Joe Dyer

Lettings Agent, Chesterfield

Dear Sirs,

Again it is a pleasure for me to be able to recommend your services.

Just as you have helped me with my commercial portfolio you have been as equally helpful with my residential as my first port of call as soon as a tenant falls into arrears with us. Your residential recovery process is nothing short of fantastic and has enabled us to recover arrears quickly and more effectively, we feel the key here is speed, by acting quickly the monies are not disappearing onto other bills or expenses, it doest give the tenant time to spend the money elsewhere which is always our biggest worry.

If you have residential rent arrears and need a quick solution look no further than CMD.

James Bailey-Matthews

Director and Estate Manager, Merseyside

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