Writ of Control

Collect My Debt Limited are authorised High Court Enforcement Agents.

Instruction to transfer up and enforce a County Court Judgement

by Writ of Control

Instruction to transfer up and enforce a County Court Order

by Writ of Possession

Claimants can apply for a Writ of Control in the High Court to remove and sell debtors’ goods when other steps taken to obtain money owed to them have proved ineffective. This step is normally taken when the debt has not been paid in full and payment plans have not been agreed. It is possible to transfer a County Court Judgement up to the High Court for debts of £600 or more. A High Court Enforcement Officer is able to execute a writ in order to recover the figure once it has been granted.

Enforcing a Writ

The High Court Enforcement Officer is responsible for enforcing the Writ of Control. Goods will only be removed if it is not possible to recover the money from the debtor. The value of the seized goods will be similar to the total sum of monies owed plus interest, court fees and costs, and will be calculated by what the HCEO expects the items to sell for at public auction.  With the High Court Writ of Control, the HCEO has more powers than with other options. This option is typically quicker than many others too. 

 High Court Enforcement

We are a highly experienced High Court enforcement company with an excellent track record in returning to our clients what is owed to them. We frequently provide services for landlords seeking to take action against their tenants via an Order of Possession. We can also help if you need to transfer an order of CCJ to the High Court to remove occupiers deemed to be trespassers. When judgements and orders are issued in the High Court, they must be enforced by authorised High Court Enforcement Agents. Some clients opt for combined orders to save time, seizing goods and enforcing possession simultaneously.

A Quicker Resolution

At Collect My Debt, we can remove tenants within seven days of possession orders expiring, executing a Writ of Control as soon as a Notice of Enforcement expires and the defendant has not paid their debt in full. It can take much longer to use a County Court Bailiff, which is one reason why so many people opt for the High Court Enforcement agents at Collect My Debt. High Court Enforcement Officer fees are much higher, which gives debtors an extra incentive to pay their debts quickly. You may also be able to add interest to your debt once it has been passed to a High Court Enforcement Officer. 

 Why use a High Court Enforcement Agent?

Talk to Collect My Debt today if you are experiencing problems with squatters, problem tenants or rent arrears. We are confident that we can deliver the outcome you require thanks to our vast experience in the field and can provide you with the services of a dedicated case handler who will remain your primary point of contact throughout the instruction. To find out more about executing a Writ of Control, contact us on 0800 612 5161 or send a message to info@collectmydebt.co.uk. We are waiting to hear from you. 

All Writs of Control and Writs of Possession issued by the High Courts are Issued to Collect My Debt Limited through our Appointed Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer (AHCEO) Claire Louise Sandbrook.

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