Traveller Eviction in Manchester

Big cities frequently experience problems with travellers, and Manchester is no exception. The city is one of the world’s most famous and is home to first-class attractions including MediaCity, its Town Hall, the Old Trafford football and cricket grounds, its arena, the Etihad Stadium and the National Football Museum. Travellers regularly set up site in various parts of Manchester where they are not permitted to set foot, but Collect My Debt have an excellent track record when it comes to remedying the situation quickly, safely and legally.

Let us take action for you

If you need to remove travellers from commercial or residential premises in Manchester, contact Collect My Debt today. We can help you gain the peace of mind you require without a court order or a solicitor’s instruction. Don’t be tempted to conduct an eviction yourself – you could be putting yourself at risk if you attempt this, and you could find yourself breaking the law if you cause injuries to someone else or damage to their property. It’s far wiser to enlist the support of experienced professionals who can carry out the eviction safely whilst complying with health and safety legislation. At Collect My Debt, we always carry out a risk assessment before we start taking action and make safety a priority.

Following police advice

From time-to-time, we do need to contact the police for advice and support. This is to prevent a breach of the peace. It’s possible that they will ask us to delay the eviction until they have made an assessment of the situation. It is never wise to ignore police advice – you could find yourself in a great deal of trouble if you do defy their instructions.

Notice options

We offer two eviction processes. When a 24-hour self-help notice is in place, we can request that your trespassers exit your property before forceful action is taken. We can also serve a 2-4 hour self-help eviction notice, remaining on site until the packing and vacation processes are completed. Sometimes it is not possible for us to clear our clients’ sites within four hours, and it could take our Certified Enforcement Agents a maximum of 12 hours to deliver the right outcome, vacating the space with tow trucks.

Save on court order costs

You can avoid paying up to £5,500 in legal and enforcement costs by sidestepping a court order. Court orders can also take 21 days to come through, but we can act on the same day we receive your instruction. Trespassers don’t always act in a confrontational manner when they are asked to exit sites. If your trespassers comply with the request immediately, you will only need to cover the cost of our attendance and the serving of the notice. Other challenges Collect My Debt can assist you with including fly traders and advertising, forfeiture of commercial lease, high court enforcement, rent arrears recovery and fly grazing. For traveller eviction in Manchester, get in touch today by sending an email to or by calling 0800 612 5161.

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