Traveller Eviction in Liverpool

High-profile towns and cities inevitably have bigger problems with travellers than smaller ones, so it stands to reason that many Liverpool landowners frequently experience problems with trespassing. Some of Liverpool’s biggest attractions including Anfield and Goodison Park, The Royal Albert Dock, The Cavern Club and the arena. Landowners big and small can experience traveller-related challenges, but Collect My Debt can come to your assistance no matter what the nature of your issue is. What’s more is that we can do it quickly, safely and legally.

Send your instruction today

We are ready to receive your instruction if you are currently experiencing problems with travellers. We can help you take action without a court order or an instruction from a solicitor. It’s not a good idea to attempt to carry out an eviction yourself – if you do so, you could find yourself causing an injury to someone else or damaging their property, which could leave you in a lot of hot water. Don’t risk aggravating the situation – leave things to the professionals. We can carry out your eviction calmly and safely whilst complying fully with health and safety regulations.

Police advice

It is possible that we will need to consult the police to gain valuable support and advice. This will also help us avoid a breach of the peace. It’s not uncommon for the police to request that we delay the eviction until they have had a chance to assess and analyse the scenario. In any case, it’s always best to follow the advice given out by the authorities.

Available eviction processes

There are two eviction processes available to you. With the 24-hour self-help notice, we can ask trespassers to vacate your site before forceful action is needed. We are also able to serve a 2-4 hour self-help eviction notice and can stay on your site until everything has been packed and the site has been vacated. If there is a great deal of work to do, we may be unable to clear the site within four hours. Our Certified Enforcement Agents could need up to 12 hours to clear the space, using resources including tow trucks.

Cut the expense of court orders

Court orders can be incredibly expensive and can take up to three weeks to come through. For these reasons, many clients choose to avoid them in favour of our services, saving themselves a maximum of £5,500 in the process. It’s worth noting that not all trespassers are confrontational, with some happily packing up and leaving as soon as they are asked to do so. If this is the case, you will only need to pay the cost of our attendance and the serving of the notice.

Getting in touch

At Collect My Debt, we offer a host of services and can also assist you with rent arrears recovery, high court enforcement, forfeiture of commercial lease, abandoned vehicles, fly traders and advertising. To learn more about how we can help with traveller eviction in Liverpool, call us on 0800 612 5161 or send a message to

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