Traveller Eviction in Bristol

Bristol is one of the UK’s most sought-after places to live and is noted for its large number of historic sites, including the Cabot Tower, SS Great Britain and harbour. Other high-profile attractions include the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol Zoo, Avon Gorge and Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. Like many other major cities across the UK, Bristol sometimes experiences problems with travellers that need to be dealt with in a professional and fair manner. Whether you need to clear travellers and trespassers from land large or small, you can count on Collect My Debt to provide the safe and quick resolution you require.

Send your instruction today

Don’t hesitate to send us your instruction if you are currently facing a problem with trespassers and require a safe resolution. When you opt for our services you can avoid a costly and time-consuming court order and you don’t need a solicitor’s instruction. Court orders can cost up to £5,500 and take 21 days to come through, which is why it makes so much sense to look for alternative measures. Please don’t try to carry out the eviction yourself – this can be very dangerous and you could come to harm. You could also find yourself in hot water if you inadvertently injure someone or cause damage to their property, so leave things to the professionals and contact us. We have many years of experience to draw upon and we follow health and safety legislation to the letter.

Diffusing the situation

We may decide to get in touch with the police to avoid aggravating the situation and attempt to diffuse any anger. The police can advise us on how to prevent a breach of the peace and could request us to delay the eviction until they have had a chance to assess the situation. Ignoring the advice of the authorities is incredibly risky, so it really is wise to adhere to their instructions.

Eviction process options

We are able to offer two eviction processes. We can serve a 24-hour self-help notice and request that trespassers vacate your site prior to forceful action being taken. We can also serve a 2-4 hour self-help eviction notice, remaining on site until all goods and people have been cleared, though it may not be possible to remove everything within a four-hour window. It could take us up to 12 hours to clear the site, with our Certified Enforcement Agents using tow trucks and other resources.

Get in touch

There’s a possibility that your trespassers will vacate your site as soon as they are asked to. If this does occur, all you will need to cover are the cost of our attendance as well as the serving of the notice. Why not get in touch today if you do need help with traveller eviction in the Bristol area? We can provide a range of services related to land and property, including removal of abandoned vehicles, fly traders and advertising, forfeiture of commercial lease, rent arrears recovery, horse removal and fly grazing. Get in touch with us today by calling us on 0800 612 5161 or by sending an email to

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