Traveller Eviction in Birmingham

Birmingham is one of Europe’s most high-profile cities and is home to a range of acclaimed attractions, including The Custard Factory, the Bull Ring, Edgbaston Cricket Ground and Cadbury World. As you may expect from a city of such popularity, it also frequently faces traveller-related challenges. At Collect My Debt, we have the ideal solution in place if you do need to remove trespassers from your private property including business and residential premises. Read on to find out more about traveller eviction in Birmingham.


Avoid taking risks

We have many years of experience behind us when it comes to carrying out traveller evictions peacefully and safely. We can help you evict travellers from private land without a court order or even instructions from a solicitor. Although you could opt to conduct an eviction yourself, it is very risky to do so and can be very dangerous. It’s always best to enlist the services of highly-experienced professionals who can achieve the right results lawfully, in line with health and safety-based requirements. Risk assessments are always carried out before evictions take place. We have the manpower and resources needed to bring about the lawful solution that you require.


Police advice

In certain cases, we decide to source advice and support from the police in order to prevent a breach of the peace. There is a chance they could request that the eviction is delayed after they have analysed the situation. If you decide to ignore police advice, injuries and damage to property could occur, leaving you in legal hot water, so it’s always best to follow their instructions.


Available processes

There are two eviction processes available. With a 24-hour self-help notice, we can ask your trespassers to leave before we take forceful action. We can also serve a 2-4 hour self-help eviction notice and stay on your site to supervise packing and vacation. It is not always possible to clear a site within four hours – our Certificated Enforcement Agents can take up to 12 hours to bring the eviction to a close, using our tow trucks. Whatever happens, you can count on Collect My Debt to provide a traveller eviction service of the highest calibre.


Avoid court order costs

We are waiting to hear from you right now if you do need assistance with evicting travellers from private land in Birmingham. When you opt for our services, you can avoid obtaining a costly court order, which can cost up to £5,500 in legal and enforcement costs and take 21 days. We are able to take action on the same day your instruction is received. It’s worth noting that some trespassers are less confrontational than others, with some exiting sites as soon as they are asked to. Should this occur in this situation, all you will need to pay is the cost of our attendance and the serving of the notice itself. We can help with high court enforcement, forfeiture of commercial lease, fly traders and advertising, rent arrears recovery, fly grazing and more. Contact us today by calling 0800 612 5161 or by sending a message to

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